Highest Skill LEVEl ! how to achieve Greatness in sports .

Since we learn to walk we feel the need to move around more and more, we want to get to places, to See the unseen. when our coordination becomes well developed we start doin physical activity  at a sport in a organized constrained environment, ex HAndball,BAsketball,Football,. Most sports are unfoldin on a average of 600 Square meters.


All the mistery about how some are way better than others is not in work, and working like a robot. not necessarily , of course you have to work on building your physique and develop stamina but the key is Focusing in what you will do.

the biggest footballers were thinking so much about football( Ronaldinho Maradona ) that they talked about it all the time, they were like undistracted so concentrated and focused when they got on the field that they knew instantly what to do in a situation in which others would Think for tens of secs.  and that in my opinion is the :“main secret” to achieving greatness. FOCUS !!

Meciuri nesimtite. Germania = MANEVRE.

Hertha downAugsburg care era deja salvata, pentru ca era la egalitate de puncte cu Wolfsburg 37 pct, Hamburg a avut 35 puncte. daca Augsburg pierdea . Wolfsburg in meci direct cu HAmburg trecea peste daca batea, si HAmburg oricum ramanea pe loc retrogradabil. Dar Augsburg s-au pus sa scoata un egal. Desi erau salvati oricum. daca batea Hamburg si Augsburg pierdea la un gol cu Hoffe,  Augsburg ar fi fost la egalitate de puncte cu Wolfsburg dar cu golaveraj mai bun.

Dar ce e de remarcat ca  Hoffenheim marea revelatie, a jucat execrabil.

NU cred ca s-au dus deloc cu mintea la joc acesti “mari jucatori” .

Si la Hertha acasa cu leverkusen echipa destabilizata care a pierdut tot anul asta, pierde dar cu cat? cu 2-6 . Adica ei aveau doar 13 meciuri de peste 2.5 in 33 etape, au facut acum 8 goluri, si au si pierdut.

O zi mizerabila Dortmund primeste doua penaltyuri in ultiele 5 minute ca sa castige usor, si Bayern marcheaza 2 goluri in ultimele 2 minute de prelungire.

Asta e fotbalul o adunatura de indivizi care stiu sa faca bani. Noi incercam asa facem si noi bani, dar e greu cand ne punem cu astia.