Betting tips . SUnday . France final stage Bordeaux – Marseille , Bastia – Lorient. Real MAdrid – Sevilla , Bilbao Leganes

In Ligue 1 le Championat est practicly decided.

Monaco – Lille  


Monaco are 3 puncte ahead,

Monaco – Lille : 2-5 gls @ 1.30

In Derby of the relegation zone:

BAstia Lorient,

BAstia last , Lorient above the line, Lorient with 35 pts. It’s possible to be saved if they make a draw.

BAstia conceided 52 goals, s i’m betting on Lorient to score

Bastia – Lorient : Guests to score @ 1.25.

• Real madrid – Seville 

Sevilla good team and aggresive in derbys. the team is in 4 th place, they wiill hae tough time to get past Atletico, on third.

Sevilla will score @ 1.40

• Bilbao Leganes .. Bilbao needes to score,  And t win to stay on the 6 th place. Leganes is safe , they don’t have wories in relegation wise. So Athletic Bilbao needs to Win

Athletic Bilbao Wins @ 1.43

Tottenham – Man Utd

Tottenham Will certainly play a good game esspecially . they are playing home. The team is lokin to end the season with a win. MAn Utd has the final Europa league which will take them directly in the CH League group stage.

Tottenham MAn Utd 1-3 golas @ 1.30


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